We go deep into details of everyday life

Innovation starts from observing details of everyday life.
In today’s highly competitive marketplace, signs of innovation are genuinely valuable in laying down solid understandings of products, services and brands. They also serve as a credible navigator to avoid product-out mentality and to get higher return on investment.
We at infield design initiates human-centered design processes, in which our human factor specialists conduct wide range of field works based on ethnographic methodologies.

We bring concepts into life quickly

With the help of sophisticated creative work, we prototype desirable user experiences so that those concepts are easily shared and experimented among project’s stakeholders. Our reputable project books, the final deliverables of project, are powerful tool to promote innovative values within ent organizations.

We work hand in hand with clients

In the world of Internet age where infinite information is just a click away, sharing genuine off-line experiences is more valuable than ever.
We encourage our clients to participate in projects, believing that the best place to share innovative values is in the process, not in front of the slide screen of final presentation.
For a client, hiring us is not just getting reports and proposals from outside, but rather exploring, discovering, and getting convinced with what desirable values are for their customers.