Omron Healthcare introduced a portable ECG

Omron Healthcare introduced a portable ECG (electrocardiogram) device on February 20th, 2024. This is the significant fruit of Client’s sincere and persistent product development, of which we supported at the very formative concept making. As the global top brand of in-home blood pressure monitors, the Client has been contributing to prevention and treatment of cerebrovascular […]

Takashi was invited to speak at his alma mater

Tama Art University Department of Information Design invited Takashi to speak in its Experience Design course on January 12th. Requested by Professor Uemura who leads the course, he guided the students through the “Happiness along Route 17” series, a joint project with Showa Women’s University from 2016 to 2019. Meeting with new people, visiting new […]

Best wishes for your 2024!

Across the sea, there are places we haven’t been yet. We design people’s experiences. We are going to celebrate our 20th anniversary this August. We have been navigating this ship, though small and wobbly, with your support and encouragement as a wind in our sails. Without hesitation we will keep exploring uncharted waters. Best wishes […]

Play City Mini Kawasaki 2023 and Yui’s research project

2023 Play City Mini Kawasaki, the community initiative Eriko has been leading since its debut in 2018, was successfully done. The students in elementary schools and junior high schools, around fifty in total, had been discussing how to establish and operate their own city Mini Kawasaki every other week. Their real city emerged on October […]

A Stanford student interned with us this summer

This summer Elena Atluri, now a junior majoring in Product Design at School of Engineering, completed her 10 week internship at the end of August. During her two-month internship she pursued her own project exploring real lives of LGBTQ+ people in Japan. She particularly focused on “Q+ (questioning, queer plus),” which represents loosely categorized people […]

This year again we are supporting Mini Kawasaki

A Play City is a miniature city run only by and for children, a concept first hatched in Munich, Germany. This concept has been localized in many cities around the world, and Eriko has been leading one of them, Mini Kawasaki, since its foundation in 2018. Play City Mini Kawasaki This year, the city resumed […]