Omron Healthcare introduced a portable ECG (electrocardiogram) device on February 20th, 2024. This is the significant fruit of Client’s sincere and persistent product development, of which we supported at the very formative concept making.

As the global top brand of in-home blood pressure monitors, the Client has been contributing to prevention and treatment of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases.
Now, the client has achieved another revolutionary user experience, “recording ECGs at home in a few simple steps.”

People need to go to hospitals or clinics to check their ECGs, that’s the norm. Now what if we could do that ourselves, very easily?
We kicked off our journey with the Client to explore the real lives of a few yet thought-provoking people. We tried to understand how the potentially innovative user experience could be settled in their ordinary life and create value, and to come up with the key to subsequent product development.

Some of the people we met with had been experiencing atrial fibrillation and/or angina pectoris. Others were not diagnosed risk events, but were concerned about their heart conditions. We explored and understood their daily lives in details, and achieved tangible concepts of user experience with convincing value which could require them a few extra efforts.

The key user experiences shared and deeply resonated with by Client core members at the very early stage had since been their North Star throughout their long development process with lots of bumps, detours and red-tapes.

This elegantly simple product, easily fits in your palm, is now available in your neighborhood electronic stores. Please take a chance to try it.

Product photo courtesy of OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd.
For product details please refer to the Client site (available only in Japanese)