[:ja]共同研究 第四回 「U-23から考える、国道17号線の幸福論」[:en]Fourth Joint Project: Happiness on Route 17 – from the U-23 Generation[:]


あまラボ X infield design デザインと社会課題との交差点
共同研究シリーズ 第四回 「U-23から考える、国道17号線の幸福論」

今年で4年目となる昭和女子大学人間社会学部 天笠研究室との共同研究が始まりました。





共同研究プロジェクト パートナーシップ窓口


Apart form client projects we take time to take deep dives into issues rooted in our everyday life and society, using our Experience Design approach.
Our fourth year of joint projects with Ama Lab of Showa Women’s University is just taking off.

This year’s subject is “Happiness on Route 17 – from the U-23 Generation.” We carry on the “Quest for Happiness on Route 17” for the third year, this time taking a closer look at the younger generation.

Route 17 crosses the width of Honshu Island, showing an intriguing cross section of the Japanese society – beginning in Nihombashi, Tokyo and reaching Niigata City on the coast of the Sea of Japan. For the past two years we drove along this road observing the lives of people from downtown Tokyo and its suburbs to inland industrial areas, mountain villages, large local cities and local industry collectives. We tried to find out what the forms of happiness will be like for them ten years from now, and generated ideas to contribute to this end, devising different sets of ‘criteria of happiness’ for each of the regions. One of our findings in the process was the widely varying forms of happiness.

This year we will continue our detailed observations, visiting each of the areas in our fieldwork, this time with special focus on the younger people Under-23.
What is the happiness or satisfaction that they feel, learning, working and living in each of their own local environments? What do they hold in their hearts for their future?
The students of SWU, who come from the same U-23 generation, will be the main players in this project to take on the challenge of “Quest for Happiness.”

We want to be open and connected to communities and society in the process of this project. Companies and individuals are welcome to take part and share. Anyone interested please don’t hesitate to contact us!

For partnership please contact:

Ama Lab (Amagasa Laboratory, Showa Women’s University)