At a first glance this might look like a back yard of a lost and found office. Or some sort of recycling factory where discarded products are waiting for being disassembled into useful pieces.
Truth is that this is a temporary lot for baby buggies. A couple of community groups of mothers and babies are now having a big get-together event at this community center building. Mothers are asked to leave their buggies before getting in. With their small baby in one hand and a silent yet constant eyes of event staff on their back, they have only one option; just follow the precedent. End result is this mindless accumulation of objects. Anyone with decent brains easily expects the chaos when the event is over and participants are trying to make their way home. Yet people keep contributing their piece to make that inevitable chaos even bigger.

By Takashi Sasaki (on-the-spot report and photograph by Kunikazu Amagasa)