Following last year, this was our second participation in Cooking for Solutions 2014, an annual event promoting sustainable seafood held at Monterey Bay Aquarium, CA.

The goal of this event is to understand, share, and promote the issues and possible solutions around seafood survivability. The picturesque views of Monterey Bay and beautifully presented fish in the tanks of Aquarium were the ideal background throughout the event.

This year we hosted a group of thirty-plus “delegates” from Japan, a part of broader efforts to localize the concept of sustainable seafood in a country full of seafood lovers. A week-long series of discussions between our delegates and CFS-participating NGOs were incredibly fruitful.

Washoku, or traditional Japanese food, is now in the list of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and has been gaining global attention. We may have do not see any fish on our daily dinner table in the near future, however, if our society keeps looking the other way in overfishing.

Not only among us fish eaters but also among the entire supply chain including fishing industry, wholesalers, retailers, and surrounding political environment, the need for change is stronger than ever; we renewed this belief in Monterey.アメリカ カリフォルニア州のモントレーベイ水族館で行われた水産資源保護に関わるイベント Cooking for Solutions に、 昨年に引き続き参加してきました。

美しいモントレー湾や水族館の魚を眺めながら、魚の持続可能性について学び、 考えようというこのイベント、今年は日本からも30名近いゲストをお迎えし、大い に盛り上がりました。日本での活動やこれからの計画など、海外のNGOを交えて 1週間にわたりディスカッションを行いました。