We had been supporting Mini Kawasaki 2021, the community program creating a city run by children. The entire program was completed and the activity report has been published.
Eriko has been leading this unique program since its foundation in 2018, and Konomi supported the program administration last year as part of our sponsorship.
The final report contains full of insights into how the participating children learned and grew through their experiences under various limitations and frustrations due to the pandemic.
One recurring theme of this program is: a city run by children clearly challenges unconscious bias among adults. For example, it is really tempting for an adult to advise children what to do for them to succeed, based on her/his own experience and existing social norms/standards. The beauty of a city run entirely by children, however, is that it is free from those established constraints and that it is always OK to fail. The city’s “No Adults Allowed” rule has been a great way to free up children’s creativity, and in the meantime a rare opportunity for adults to reflect on how we behave in our society.
This could be something our clients have consistently experienced in our UXD projects, putting their usual glasses down and keeping their unconscious bias at bay.
The city committee is happy to share a copy of the final report. For that and other interests in participating/sponsoring, Eriko will be there to help you.