Covid 19 disrupted our life entirely. It was amid the first nationwide State of Emergency when a few members within infield design started this project, trying to “freeze” as many details as possible from our fast-changing daily lives.
A year passed.
We had asked our teammates, friends, and clients to journal their days with Covid, and periodically filtered those details into booklets which collectively tried to ‘freeze’ the changes we experienced in 2020. The positive feedbacks from the readers had always been an encouraging pat on our backs.
Now our 4th booklet is ready. This issue includes, in addition to the regular collection of diaries by our contributors, a column titled “View from the newly-hired, fresh out of college, with Covid.” Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a copy.
Nothing valuable will be created without thoughtful eyes on the changes Covid 19 brought to, and will continue bringing to, our lives. For those who are eager to install new purposes onto future business and society, please come walk with us.