Tokyo Olympic Games are only two years away, in which 3X3 basketball deeply rooted in the street cultures around the world will make its full debut as an official program. The addition has been rocking all the basketball lovers since IOC approved it in June 2017.

This October, Molten introduced molten B+, their new business to enhance this momentum surrounding for 3X3 basketball.
With the goal of having everyone enjoy basketball everywhere, molten 3+ provides not only equipment such as court floors and goal posts but also a community to match players and teams to play with.

Since 2016, with our expertise in focusing on people’s everyday activities, we helped Client’s new business development team to explore business opportunities around how to make current and future basketball players happier. We concluded, after many observations and conversations with many basketball lovers around Japan, that to have a court available at every street corner of every neighborhood is the core user experience for 3X3 basketball to grow into a major entertainment of everyday life.
Then we moved on to create business ideas which collectively deliver this user experience, such as the easy-to-setup plastic floor capitalizing on Client’s technology asset in plastic materials and molding, and consulting service to prepare and manage local basketball events.

Toward the Olympic year, when you hear a ball dribbling and people rocking in your neighborhood, there could be a shiny blue court with a molten B+ logo on it.