Apart form client projects we take time to take deep dives into issues rooted in our everyday life and society, using our Experience Design approach.

In our third joint project with Ama Lab of Showa Women’s University, this year we take another, deeper dig into last year’s subject “Quest for Happiness on Route 17.”

Route 17 crosses the width of Honshu Island and shows an intriguing cross-section of the Japanese society, beginning in Nihombashi, Tokyo and reaching Niigata City on the coast of Sea of Japan. Last year we drove along this road observing the lives of people from downtown Tokyo to the outskirts, roadside villages, farmlands and regional hub cities. We tried to find out what the forms of happiness will be like for them ten years from now, and generated ideas to contribute to this end. One of our findings in the process was that forms of happiness differ between the areas people live in.

This year we take this as a starting point and continue our fieldwork in the different localities. From the observations and findings we will try to find a set of “criteria of happiness” for each of the regions that will still be relevant a decade from now, which will serve as the basis of designs and ideas for each society.

We want to be open and connected to communities and society in the process of this project. Companies and individuals are welcome to take part and share. Anyone interested please don’t hesitate to contact us!

For partnership please contact:

Ama Lab (Amagasa Laboratory, Showa Women’s University)