The last keynote of the two-day conference was different from all other presentations. Designer/artist Dominic Wilcox presented projects and works full of wit and interest devised to bring out creativity from the audience.

He created objects out of unneeded articles collected in flea markets, exhibiting them at his “Lost and Found Office of Oddities” and having people think how and for what they should be used. These “strange inventions” were also shown to children in workshops, allowing them to create inventions of their own. The small inventors’ works were then actually produced by locals with manufacturing skills and technology. The kids’ eyes sparkle in delight at their own creation.

“When I make ideas I start with the worst, most ridiculous ones, because then anything will be better.” These words were quoted in the final closing session right after this keynote. It resonated with phrases like “overwhelming the client with perfect methodology means nothing,” or “exposing your weaknesses is essential in bringing out something from the client or the user,” repeated throughout the conference from multiple speakers. It highlighted the attitude of the professionals to practice service design as a collaborative process, not as a highly professional secret practice.