Last fall we collaborated in the UX design of the common spaces of a luxury condominium apartment – Park Axis Premier Minami-Aoyama, which has recently been completed.
In such a project designers tend to compete in plain gorgeousness, but here we applied the experience design approach based on the user’s viewpoint to accomplish a polished quality that will take root in the daily life of the residents.

The overall activity design of this residential development was directed by Nikken Activity Design Lab (NAD), whose unique project planning and management, detached from the traditional norms of the architecture industry, has been the focus of attention and was introduced in the January 2016 issue of architecture magazine SHINKENCHIKU.

Not a space open for everyone to experience, but if you have the chance to visit the neighborhood you are welcome to take a look at the novel style exterior designed by NAD.
(address: 2-15-22, Minami-Aoyama)