[:ja]共同研究[:en]Joint project[:]

[:ja]あまラボ X infield design デザインと社会課題との交差点
共同研究シリーズ 第二回  「国道17号線」の幸福論

昨年に引き続き、今年も昭和女子大学人間社会学部 天笠研究室との共同研究が始まりました。

私たちが、この数十年 追い求めてきた豊かさとはいったいどこにあるのでしょうか?
どこに住むのが幸せなのか、何を幸せと感じるのか… …「生活拠点と幸福の関係」は誰もが一度は考えることだと 思います。今回は、国道17号線をたどりながらそんな問いの答えを探ります。

国道17号線には 、日本の断層が見えます。都心から東京の下町を通り、郊外の住宅地を抜け、深谷や熊谷、前橋などの地方都市を横目に見ながら、最終的には地方中核都市の新潟に至ります。昨年のテーマ「小1の壁」も踏まえ、この17号線を切り口にそれぞれの地域に住む、10年後の家族の「幸せのかたち」を「ユーザー経験」の視点から考える… …それが今年の共同研究の目的です。



共同研究プロジェクト パートナーシップ窓口


[:en]Ama Lab x infield design
Design and social issues
Joint project #2: Happiness on Route 17

Apart from client projects we also enjoy taking deep dives into issues rooted in our everyday life using the experience design approach. This year we have begun another joint research project with the Amagasa Lab of Showa Women’s University.

This is our second joint project that we named “Quest for Happiness on Route 17.”
What is your answer to your quest for happiness?

We all seek happiness in life. People search high and low looking for the right place to make their happy life come true. Most of us have faced, or will face, the question on the connection between the location and satisfaction of our lives. In this year’s project we will look into this question driving along Route 17.

Route 17 crosses the width of the Honshu Island and shows a typical cross section of the landscape of Japanese societies. It starts in old central downtown Tokyo, runs through the suburbs, across the Kanto prefectures passing by cities like Fukaya, Kumagaya and Maebashi, to finally reach Niigata City, the center of the prefecture of the same name and one of the core cities in the area facing the Sea of Japan. The aim this year will be to observe different families living along Route 17, to seek what the forms of happiness for them will be like ten years from now, from the user experience viewpoint. The results of last year’s project “The First Grader Wall” will be used as one of the starting points.

We also want to be open and connected to communities and society in the process of this project. Companies and individuals are welcome to take part and share. Anyone interested please don’t hesitate to contact us!

For partnership please contact:

Ama Lab (Amagasa Laboratory, Showa Women’s University)