[:ja]2015年 共同研究 小1の壁[:en]Joint Research 2015[:]

[:ja]あまラボ X infield design デザインと社会課題との交差点
共同研究シリーズ 第1回 小一の壁


 そんな数年来の夢が、昭和女子大学人間社会学部 天笠研究室との共同研究として、この4月より動き始めました。


 共同研究のプロジェクトリードであり、天笠研究室を主宰する天笠邦一 専任講師は、本年3月まで当社ヒューマンファクターの専門家としてIT関連を中心とした多くの製品・サービス企画プロジェクトで実績を残しており、情報通信系のコア技術から最新のサブカルチャーまで、幅広い知見を交えて本研究を強力に推進していく計画です。


共同研究プロジェクト パートナーシップ窓口


Ama Lab x infield design
At the juncture of design and social issues
Joint Research Vol. 1; The First Grader Wall

For the last couple of years we at infield design had been pondering a dream of tackling social issues around our daily life with experience design approach.
This April that dream eventually came true, as a joint research opportunity with Dr. Amagasa and his research lab at Showa Women’s University School of Human and Social Sciences.

 The First Grader Wall is the launching topic for our joint research which will continue throughout this academic year, with two six-month-modules each dedicated to different social issues.
 In Japan there are many gaps and holes in social networks and child-care support systems when a kid leaves preschool and enters into primary education. In many families mothers shoulder the burden in caring their kids through this transitional period. This is one of the major drivers behind high job quitting rate among female fulltime workers who have first grade children.
 The objective of this research is to close this gap and envision desirable user experiences in the area of child care and family development for the first graders and their parents.

 Dr. Kunikazu Amagasa, who leads this research from his AmaLab, had been with infield design for the past four years, leaving remarkable footprints as a human factor specialist in many product/service development projects. Now from his academic position in Showa Women’s University, he will bring a lot of energy and excitement to the joint team with his extensive knowledge from cutting-edge technology to trendiest subculture.

 We would love to share the process and outcomes of this initiative as much as possible. Anyone, be a company or an individual, can join. Please let us know your thoughts and interests at the address below.

For inquiry about research partnership;

AmaLab (Amagasa laboratory)