A Play City is a miniature city run only by and for children, a concept first hatched in Munich, Germany. This concept has been localized in many cities around the world, and Eriko has been leading one of them, Mini Kawasaki, since its foundation in 2018.
Play City Mini Kawasaki

This year, the city resumed recruiting volunteers to support participating children throughout the program, which had been suspended due to COVID. A college student aspiring to be a teacher, a newly- grad business person, an employee of a nearby company… six people, the majority of whom are new to community activities like this, have been joined the team as volunteers.

As a firm specialized in experience design we are sponsoring the city by assigning Yui as a program supporter. She is our newly hired staff fresh out of an art college this spring and is the same generation as the six volunteers, On top of her primary responsibility as a supporter, Yui is now exploring their motivations of and their learnings from volunteering.
“I want to encourage kids to find something, rather than to give them directions.” “What can I contribute, being someone who is not fully grown up but no longer a kid?”
Through casual interviews after prep sessions, she has begun capturing what the young volunteers really feel and think. As the children grow up while participating in this city, so do the young volunteers. We would like to keep observing them with warm care.

The main event this year will take place on October 8th and 9th at Tachibana Park in Kawasaki.
Please visit Mini Kawasaki web site listed above to keep up with the recent developments. Interested in participating / sponsoring? Please contact Eriko or send us inquiry via their website.

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