As a lecturer, Haruka is now navigating sophomore and junior students of the University’s department of design through experience design.
The program objective is to design a service utilizing XPAND code. The final deliverable should include actual UI/UX design.

XPAND is a unique technology by XPAND K. K., a type of 2D barcode featuring horizontal slit shape and linking space and smartphones. Under the supervision of Associate Professor Mayumi Mori, who has been advising XPAND for tech/business development, eighteen students are participating this five-week program from ideation to service delivery.

The course emphasizes the importance of the thought process, let alone the final products. Who enjoys what kind of experience, where, and how? Haruka is making sure that each student tackles this essential question of experience design very seriously.

Art school students are good at turning their ideas into tangible images by their hands. How those ideas will be going to look like in people’s everyday lives is a different story. One-on-one coaching based on different thinking processes and behaviors of students is essential in order to have them focused on the value of user experiences. Thoughtful and careful communication is important in our daily projects, and this teaching experience is a great opportunity for Haruka to take a fresh look at how she does her own job.

If you are interested in the program, please don’t hesitate to contact Haruka.