Be Open, Be Incomplete — SDGC day 2, closing —

The last keynote of the two-day conference was different from all other presentations. Designer/artist Dominic Wilcox presented projects and works full of wit and interest devised to bring out creativity from the audience. He created objects out of unneeded articles collected in flea markets, exhibiting them at his “Lost and Found Office of Oddities” and […]

Between Agile and Broad Viewpoints– SDGC day 2 —

On the second day of the conference I attended a session focusing on the topic of agile. The attraction for me was two of Amsterdam’s noted service design agencies coming onstage. Agile as a business environment, and effective ways to create service design in that environment was discussed through different examples. Geke van Dijik from […]

Welcoming spring

Throughout Japan, many schools, businesses and government agencies are all welcoming new members to their organizations. The traditional red and white decoration waiting for tomorrow’s ceremony symbolizes expectations and concerns of those who welcome.

Cherry blossoms 2016

Sakura trees have started blooming in our neighbourhood in the southern part of Tokyo. Trees are blooming just in front of our office, in small gardens in nearby residential areas, and on a cafe counter… Staying focused at work will be really hard for the next few weeks.

An electric water boiler; memorable words of my friend

“In many local cities in Japan urban planners have been working really hard to be a better electric water boiler.” words by my friend Toshikazu Yanaka, CEO of GKDSH When I was a child every household boils water in a kettle, and pour it into a thermos. Thermos manufacturers soon replaced utilitarian hand pumps with […]

Pedal and party!/Missions Cal 12

How innovative people can be! First I spotted this inviting yet seemingly purposeless vehicle with multiple seats and a beer pump while we cruised our rented Nissan in a congested San Diego downtown. Later I learned from the web that this is actually a serious business that rents this vehicle to a group of people who can then party […]