Attended the Service Design Global Conference in Amsterdam

The 9th annual Service Design Global Conference was held from Oct. 27 to 28 in Amsterdam, celebrating its return to the city where it was first held. From Infield Design Keiko attended the conference, between a variety of attendees from freelancers to enterprises, public sectors to academics. The total number was said to have reached […]

Presentation in Matsuyama for Good Design Award

Chiho gave a presentation at the Good Design Award Seminar 2016, held on April 28th in Matsuyama. The event was hosted by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion and Urban Design Center Matsuyama. Titled “Design Process Rooted in Empathy”, her talk introduced the design process of infield design based on empathetic thinking and co-creation, including […]

Joint project #2: Happiness on Route 17

Ama Lab x infield design Design and social issues Joint project #2: Happiness on Route 17 Apart from client projects we also enjoy taking deep dives into issues rooted in our everyday life using the experience design approach. This year we have begun another joint research project with the Amagasa Lab of Showa Women’s University. […]

Minami-Aoyama Project Completed

Last fall we collaborated in the UX design of the common spaces of a luxury condominium apartment – Park Axis Premier Minami-Aoyama, which has recently been completed. In such a project designers tend to compete in plain gorgeousness, but here we applied the experience design approach based on the user’s viewpoint to accomplish a polished […]

The “First-Grade Barrier” project results presented

On Nov.12th we held a presentation event of the project we had been working on since spring, a collaborative study on the “First-Grade Barrier” together with the Amagasa Lab of Showa Women’s University. With the generous support of Nikken Sekkei we were granted the luxury of the site Catalyst BA, where an audience from diverse […]