Mariana Giraldo interned with us this summer

Last year we started working with Stanford Kyoto Program to host an intern from Stanford University. This year Mariana Giraldo, now a junior majoring in Product Design at School of Engineering, completed her 10 week internship at the end of August. We thank our clients for their kindness and understanding to let Mariana participate in […]

We Contributed to New Business Development for Molten Corporation

Tokyo Olympic Games are only two years away, in which 3X3 basketball deeply rooted in the street cultures around the world will make its full debut as an official program. The addition has been rocking all the basketball lovers since IOC approved it in June 2017. This October, Molten introduced molten B+, their new business […]

Now from Honolulu! EPIC 2018 report

This year we had the chance to attend EPIC, the international gathering of ethnographers, in Honolulu this time - a change from our last EPIC experience in cold London. The theme this year is Evidence (How is evidence created, used, and abused?). The organizers called out for data scientists to attend, and for papers connecting […]