We have turned our UX design programs for Panasonic Connect into a book.

Since 2018 we have been working with Panasonic Connect to help them train their newly hired designers. Every year we ran the program ‘Practical Introduction to UX Design’ with strong focus on real-life application in Client’s day to day design process. This spring Client offered us this magnificent opportunity to reflect on our activities during […]

Mini Kawasaki 2021 successfully completed

We had been supporting Mini Kawasaki 2021, the community program creating a city run by children. The entire program was completed and the activity report has been published. Eriko has been leading this unique program since its foundation in 2018, and Konomi supported the program administration last year as part of our sponsorship. The final […]

We are now supporting Mini Kawasaki, a city run by children!

Selling and buying goods and services, running local government, maintaining public infrastructure, and making laws… this is a city which resembles any other city — except one thing: this city is run almost entirely by children under 18. Mini-Kawasaki, a miniature city within Kawasaki City, just across the river from southern Tokyo with population of […]